Can You Cheat In Online Card Games?

What do you do when you know for sure that you aren’t going to win, but you badly want to win? You resort to cheating. It is a common thing in general, and also in sports, but mostly in the unofficial ones, hardly in the ones where there are cameras or something like tracking software. If you have ever played offline card games, you must have seen someone cheating. Have you ever cheated? In sports like cricket, or playing card games?

Talking about cheating, is it possible to cheat in online games? Considering the fact that there are tracking software or other such measures in place. Well, since the question is ‘can’, so the technical answer is ‘YES’, cheating is possible in online card games. Players have done cheating in online rummy in the past, but every time they did it, they got caught. Hence, you should seriously think about whether you should cheat or not. Why? Keep reading.

Obviously, there are sophisticated measures in place to prevent cheating in online card games. Let’s take the example of Indian rummy. There are dozens of rummy platforms as of 2022 and crores of Indians playing this thrilling game. Most of these online rummy game platforms have a dedicated ‘Risk’ team who are experts at finding and solving cases of cheating in rummy, catching the ‘Frauds’. Let’s see some of the measures of rummy platforms:


Fraudulent activities are of various types, but all can be caught, no matter how hard you try. This is because of the anti-fraud system employed by the risk teams of the gaming platforms. This is a sophisticated system in which any unfair practice that is happening on the gaming platform, is detected instantly as players play or just finish playing rummy games online. One good example is collusion.

In collusion, players decide or pre-plan some moves or cards exchange amongst themselves. They execute their plan and let 1 player win on the table. Take the example of a 13 cards rummy game of 6 players is in progress on a table, and let’s say 2 of them decide to exchange cards needed to do a valid show, then one of them will win on the table, making the other 4 innocent players lose their money.

In this case, the system takes back the prize winnings from the fraud winner and distributes the prize equally amongst the 4 losing players in rummy online. If collusion happens between all the players on the table, then it is called as ‘money dumping’. Mostly it happens on a table of 2. Sometimes, players do fraudulent activities by making a 2nd account, which is not allowed. Even such activities are detected and the 2nd account is deleted by the system.

Why do we play rummy or other online games? To win of course. But players should know that losing is also a part of playing. You don’t just lose, but you get to learn from your losses. Such above-mentioned measures are more or less similar in other online games. If you don’t want to end up on the bad and humiliating side, it is always better to play in a sporting spirit, accept the defeat, and try harder in the next game with tactics. There is no grace and honour in winning by cheating.

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