Importance Of Safe Payment In Online Gaming

All thanks to Personal Computers, Smartphones, Consoles, and other such devices, Online gaming has grown by leaps and bounds in this 21st century. Today, crores of people play various online games ranging from small casual ones, card games to big games in which International competitions are held and professional players take part. In the last decade, one distinct change has happened in online gaming, people started purchasing in-game merchandise, level-ups, lives, in-game objects, parts, etc.

In playing card games, people could deposit money to use it as a wager while playing and then win real money as a prize for winning games. Financial transactions done over the Internet and in-apps while playing online games became common with each passing year. With that, the instances of cyber-frauds, ID thefts, and other such crimes also increased.

But in the last few years, there was a breakthrough in the way people did online financial transactions. Safe Online Payment Systems were introduced. This was a crucial change and feature that was lauded by all the gaming platforms like the ones offering Online Rummy, and they incorporated all the safety features in their payment gateways to attract more players.

The importance of safe payment systems can be gauged from the fact that with the increase in cybercrimes like cyber thefts, financial transactions in online gaming sites declined, but with the advent of various safety systems, they picked up again and are now ever increasing. Online gaming platforms have got a strong feature to advertise to people and attract more gamers. A few crore Indians play Indian rummy on various rummy online platforms, this number is only going to increase and more financial transactions will happen on rummy game platforms.


This is the best layer of security you can find on websites. When a website has Secured Sockets Layer (SSL), you are guaranteed to get total confidentiality of any transmitted personal data because it has a complex algorithm that encrypts every bit & byte of your data. No hacker or cybercriminal can access any password, personal information, or any financial details exchanged between you and the online gaming portal.


Another layer of security is the TLS (Transport Layer Security). It gives data integrity and privacy for Internet communications. It has now become a standard practice to implement TLS for making secure web apps. It can also be used to encrypt communications like Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), messaging, email, etc. If you see any gaming website using the HTTPS protocol, that means it is using the TLS encryption.

What to see when visiting a Website?

Watch out for a padlock system near the starting of the website URL in the address bar. There should be a green lock present, and it indicates that there is a secured connection present. On the other hand, if you see a red open lock and/or a red warning triangle next to a website URL, then that website isn’t secured, but is a dangerous place to visit.

Most online games like rummy games online platforms have an app or players to play, but they also offer their services on the website, and many players play via their web based UI.  Having a secured payment system creates a sense of trust in the minds of players about the gaming platform. This is one good way of making rummy gaming exciting for new comers.

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