Gamer’s Block: Beat it With These Tips!

This must have happened with many of you: you liked a game very much, it was any one of card games, or racing games, or other, you installed it, spent a lot of time playing it, reached many levels, completed many missions, but then came a time when you didn’t know what to do with the game. You opened the app, but could only stare at the game, you lost interest in the game! This can be called as a ‘Gamer’s Block’. It is the phenomenon where a gamer gets stuck in a rut in a game.

This could be happening because you were playing a game or many online games of the same type and you stopped thinking out of the box. A majority of players experience a gamer’s block of varying degrees, and quite a number of them don’t even realise about it!

What are the Symptoms?

Even if you are doing good progress in your game, crossing levels at regular intervals, you may still start thinking that you are directionless. There will come a time when you will open the game and just stare at it clueless. You will start putting down the controller to reply to messages, you will skip your round in an online rummy game to respond to calls. You will start socializing more in real life, you will start eating more. And you will start getting more anxious whenever you see the game.

The Remedies:

Your gamer’s block could be just a phase, you may or may not rediscover your passion for the game again. But instead of waiting for it to happen on its own, why not you try a few remedies? Here are 3 of them:


Apart from the gamer’s block, one big reason to do workouts regularly, is that you mostly become lazy and a couch potato while playing multiple online games. You hardly do any physical activity. Hence, a workout benefits you in many ways. Regular physical activity will not only keep you agile and fit, but also keep you mentally fresh.

Get busy with a new hobby

Are you in a gamer’s block? It is time to channel your creativity into some other activity. Take up any other hobby you previously had or start a new one. You can recharge yourself by shifting your focus on doing things like listening to music, discovering new genres or songs, reading books, gardening, watching web series, reconnecting with nature, creating a craft, origami, etc. basically do things where your imagination & creativity will blossom, where you will feel refreshed, happy, relaxed, and excited.

Try different game genres

One good reason that you must have got a gamer’s block is that you continuously played that one single game or games in a single genre like racing. There was no room for variety or creativity. Hence, try playing games of other genres. There are 7 types of online games you should know. You can play games of Sports, first-person shooters, or playing card games like 21 cards rummy. You can also play free or casual games from the app store, quizzes, or even solve puzzles.

The key here is to challenge your brain to constantly try something new and avoid falling into the same pattern of activities. For that, you should play games in moderation, whether it is Indian rummy or FIFA. Anyone can experience a gamer’s block, but it is avoidable too. Even if a game is your favourite one, do take breaks at regular intervals, and come back refreshed to play it again.

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