10 Cards Rummy vs 27 Cards Rummy

Indian Rummy is such an exciting and thrilling card game that even if you play it a thousand times, you will never get bored. The fact that it has been played in India since centuries and even today lakhs of Indians still play rummy, shows how popular it is in India. Rummy has 3 variations as per the result: Points rummy, Pool rummy, and Deals rummy. It also has 4 variations according to the number of cards used: 10 cards rummy, 13 patti rummy, 21 cards rummy, and 27 cards rummy. You will enjoy this skilful game in all its variations whether you play offline or online rummy. In this article, let’s compare the lowest and highest variation of rummy: 10 cards rummy and 27 cards rummy.


The Similarities

Both the types can be played with a minimum of 2 players. The ground rules are the same in both variations. You can make a pure sequence, an impure sequence and a set in both.


The Differences

Let’s see the contradictions/dissimilarities between these two types of rummy games in a tabular format, which you are very much familiar with, since your school days.


10 Cards Rummy
  • Each player is given 10 cards.
  • A maximum of 6 players can play this game.
  • When it is 2 players, 1 deck is used, and for more than 2 players, 2 decks are used in 10 cards rummy.
  • This version gets over quickly; it takes very less time.
  • Here, you do not have any additional terminologies.
  • Here, you have a simple wild card joker and a printed joker.
  • You must form a minimum of 1 Pure sequence compulsorily.
  • Here, you must group all the 10 cards in sequences/sets.
  • A Valid show is not possible with other combinations.
  • A player can get a maximum of 60 points in a game, irrespective of the number of cards remaining.
  • First drop points are 15.
  • Middle drop points are 30.
27 Cards Rummy
  • Each player is given 27 cards.
  • In this version, up to 5 players can play at a time.
  • In 27 cards rummy, irrespective of the number of players, 3 decks of cards are used to play.
  • Comparatively, 27 cards rummy takes more time.
  • Here, you have additional terms like dublee, tunnela, value cards, etc.
  • Here you have a printed joker, a wild card joker, and 2 upper & lower jokers.
  • You must form a minimum of 4 Pure sequences compulsorily.
  • Here, you need not group the remaining cards in any formation.
  • You can do a valid show even with a combination of Tunnelas, Dublees, etc.
  • A player can get up to 160 points without value cards & 300 points with them, in a game.
  • First drop points are 40.Middle drop points are 80.


Which one to Play when?

You should first know how to play rummy. While 10 Cards rummy is comparatively simple and easier to play, the 27 Cards rummy is a bit complicated and difficult to play because of more number of cards, terminologies, and rules involved. In the end, it all boils down to how much time you’ve got and which version is your favourite (apart from the 13 Cards rummy, of course). If you have only a couple of minutes of free time, you can play a quick game of 10 Cards rummy, and if you have a lot of free time, go for the 27 Cards rummy.

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