11 Precautions To Take In Online Gaming

In the last few years, the number of people, who are spending more time on online gaming, is only increasing. Whether you play online rummy or massive multiplayer role playing games, the online gaming world can get quite addictive and you may end up spending more time of your day there than offline. But just like how we are safe in the real world in our house, are we in the online world? Sure not! You never know the person who is your in-game opponent while playing card games, what is their intention sitting in front of the other computer. It greatly helps to be safe than be sorry later. Here are 11 precautions you can take in online gaming:

  • Secure your System

This means, have an updated Anti-virus software with a robust firewall. Keep your OS up to date, and the best thing to do is use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), as it is the most effective against online threats.

  • Have a Strong Password

Your passwords should be such that not just humans, but even cracking software must not be able to decode them. Make a complicated password of more than 10 characters that contain a healthy mixture of upper-case and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters.

  • Guard your Real Identity

Even your username shouldn’t give any personal details about yourself. It shouldn’t contain your real name, birth date, or any other such details. Your profile picture should preferably be any other fictitious avatar, but not your real face.

  • Beware of Hidden Charges

Some games charge you to level up or buy an in-game item. Make such a set-up that your password will be needed before making any payment. This way, any credit/debit card in use, will be safe.

  • Always use your Username

You not only type or enter your username while playing but also use it during in-game audio. Whether you are playing with friends and/or strangers, never give your real name or any other personal details.

  • Report Bullying & Harassment

If any player does anything that will trouble you or make you uncomfortable, report and block them immediately. Never play with them again, but continue with your gaming. Also, never behave with strangers in ways you won’t want them behaving with you.

  • It’s just a Game

Games are virtual fictitious worlds, what you do there, never try to imitate that in real life. Keep your gaming life different from your real life. Do not let them affect you.

  • Avoid Video & Audio with Strangers

Doing this with friends or those you know, is okay. But, as much as possible avoid video & audio with strangers. If you have to use audio, try using a voice mask.

  • We play to Enjoy

Losing is also equally a part of the game as winning. Don’t get upset or irritated by losses. Especially, never vent out your frustrations on your in-game opponents, even if they are your friends.

  • Use Trusted sources only

While downloading games or their updates or related apps/software, always do it from trusted sources. This includes the website of the game, Play store, App store, etc. Never use any setup or link given by any stranger or even a friend.

  • Take frequent Breaks

This is in connection with point 9, as well as the fact that continuous gaming for hours can harm your health. Take care of your eyes, posture, and mental well-being by taking regular breaks between game rounds.

By practising these pointers, you will surely be safe and secure in the online world. You may spend as much time as you can, playing Counter Strike or DOTA or Indian Rummy, but safety comes first, ensure that. Irrespective of the prevalent false beliefs about online gaming, it is truly an entertaining experience for all of us as we showcase our gaming talents & skills.

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