How to Earn Money from Rummy apps?

Almost every adult in the world today is busy doing one task – earning money. We spend the maximum time of our day earning money, for our family and future. In previous times (3-4 decades ago), we had very few options to earn money, e.g. a 9-to-5 job, being a businessperson, shopkeeper, etc. but in the last decade, new options have opened up for us to earn money, like influencer marketing on social media, and playing online games like rummy.

Yes, you can now earn real cash by playing online rummy thanks to the emergence of multiple online rummy platforms. rummy online is one of the most rewarding card games for anybody. Now let’s solve the ‘how’ part of it.

The Basics

To begin your quest to earn money from rummy apps, you will need just 2 things:

A smartphone, and an Internet connection.

Most of you definitely have the first one, you can also play online rummy on a computer though (desktop PC, Laptop, or a Tablet), basically on a browser. A smartphone would be better as you will be able to play anywhere. After ensuring a good internet connection, let’s move on to the next part.

Now you should focus on finalizing the perfect rummy platform for you to play on. Some players play on multiple rummy platforms, but it is always better to focus and invest in only one of them. It is recommended to avoid rummy platforms that began operations just recently, like up to 4 years. Go for the ones that have been in existence for a long time, like about 10 years. 

The Main Part

Here are 3 simple steps that will ensure you will actually start playing cash games in the rummy platform of your choice:

  • Make an account on the rummy platform of your choice. It is absolutely free to do so. Enter your credentials and choose a strong password. After that, fill in all your details and complete the KYC. This is necessary to withdraw your cash prize winnings from your rummy wallet to your bank.
  • Learn all about rummy from the sources of the rummy platform or even externally, starting from how to play, rules, tips & tricks, strategies, etc. and implement your learnings by playing practice games.
  • Now you are perfectly ready to play cash games and earn real money. The final step in this direction is to make a deposit and get the Bonus. You shouldn’t be satisfied by anything less than a 200% Bonus up to Rs. 1 lakh*! Because the more bonus you get, the better it is for you in playing more cash games.

After you have done the deposit, just start playing cash games.

Pro Tips:

  • Besides playing cash games regularly, also take part in the various Tournaments on offer, esp. the Freerolls. You get to win more real cash prizes in them.
  • Always take advantage of all the offers by the rummy platform. It could be Bonus, Rakeback, Instant Cash, or any special promotion for any festival or other special occasion.

We are sure after reading this, you completely figured out the ‘how’ part of earning real money from rummy apps. Many pro players of Indian rummy exist in India who have made their primary earning by playing online rummy. You can surely reach the level, where your rummy earnings will supplement your main earning at least. Who knows, you may even make it as your primary earning! Let’s wish for the best and keep playing rummy games online.

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