5 Tips to Help New Online Players

Playing online games is a pastime of Crores of people around the world. Some are experts in racing games, some in sports games, while some like to play card games. Since the Coronavirus lockdown of 2020, the number of online players has increased manifold. Being a new online player isn’t easy though, it can be confusing, intimidating and the world of online gaming could be a little rough on newbies.

Many new players give up online gaming after a few days, whether they try their hand at any racing game, sports game, FPS shooting game, Role-playing game, or online rummy. We have come up with some tips that will ease their online gaming experience considerably. If you are one of the newbies, do use these. If you are an experienced player, you can help the newbies with these pointers:

Take it Gradually

When you begin anything new, you should always take it one step at a time. Do not plunge completely into online gaming right from day 1. Everything could be overwhelming, and you could end up quitting. Whether you know the game or are you just learning rummy or other games, no one can play like a pro right from the 1st day.

Establish Control

One of the wisest pieces of advice you can get while being an online gamer is to have complete control over 2 things: your financial spending and your Time spending. Both of these should be done in moderation. Gaming addiction is a serious issue, but you can easily beat it by controlling your: Time & Money. Ensure your playing time is not affecting your other tasks. Regarding money, set a budget for your online gaming and strictly stick to it, no matter what.

Make new Friends & be Friendly

New players do bring their own friends to play online games, but besides that: In the world of Online gaming, esp. multiplayer games like rummy, you are going to meet like-minded players and make new friends. Even here, take it slowly, do not reveal everything about yourself so early.

Besides this, be friendly or professional with every player/opponent you encounter. The online world has many different kinds of toxic people who start abusing even on slight provocation. Do not belittle or abuse anyone whether you win or lose. Control your temper or vent it out offline, never on your opponents.

Protect your Privacy

Part of the online world is a dark place having many people with malicious intent. You must protect all your game data, financial data, your PC/Laptop data, etc. from falling into bad hands. Always keep the strongest password and never share it with anyone. Also don’t share your personal and financial info with anybody. Never click on links shared by any player or even those you get on the online rummy gaming platform.  

Have Fun

Ideally, the main reason for you to begin playing card games or other games online is to de-stress from your hectic life of job or studies. Never get serious or pressurize yourself while playing. Enjoy playing online, relax, and have fun and this should be always your attitude, in every situation.

In most fields of life, it is going to be difficult in the beginning, you must have patience and take your time to settle. Once you are established in the world of online gaming, it is going to be an awesome experience, an exhilarating and thrilling ride, whether you are playing free games or cash games like Indian Rummy. Just dig in, don’t give up in the beginning.

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