A Little Etiquette Can Go a Long Way at the Rummy Tables!

We have been taught good manners by our parents right since childhood. Every field of life has some or the other rules or manners that ought to be followed so as to succeed. Even the field of gaming isn’t excluded! Whether you are playing any other games or card games like rummy, you just cannot behave the way you want, if you wish to win huge cash prizes, esp. in online rummy. So, in this article, you will get to know some of the rummy table etiquettes that are practised.

  • Some rummy platforms have a chat feature through which players interact with each other while playing. Never abuse anyone while playing the game. In trying to distract them, even you can get distracted.
  • The game of rummy requires a lot of focus and concentration. No external noise like the TV, music, a family member talking or yelling, etc. should distract you. Also, play the game when you are in sound health. Never play it when you are unwell, or if any body part is hurt/paining, etc.
  • Continuing from the above point, while playing online rummy, you should also not do smoking or drinking (not just during rummy, but anytime!). also don’t take anything to eat while playing, even this can become a distracting activity and every second is important in rummy.
  • If you have very less time to play a game of rummy and/or you have a faulty internet connection, avoid playing altogether. These 2 reasons can give you sure losses in the rummy game.

Etiquettes in Indian rummy also mean responsible gaming. This is because, it is by practising responsible gaming, that you will not suffer any losses, have control over yourself, and win lots of cash prizes. Some of the main responsible gaming etiquettes are:

  • Take a Break: rummy cash game is meant to be played for entertainment purposes only. This means you shouldn’t keep playing it for hours on end. Watch out, even if the wins are coming, one rummy game is enough to reverse the trend. Take a breather after a few games, and definitely after you have lost 2-3 rummy games in a row. Never chase your losses.
  • Set a Budget: you should know very well how much you earn, how much money is needed for your house expenses, etc. accordingly, set a budget for rummy cash gaming. It can be daily, weekly or monthly. Don’t spend/deposit more than that predefined amount, even if you are winning.
  • Check your gaming activity: rummy game online is best played when you are in the perfect and intelligent frame of mind. Never play the game when you are depressed, stressed, angry, sad, or emotional. Besides this, ensure that you are taking time out for other (social) activities as well.

You play rummy online basically to win lots of cash prizes and for that, you deposit your hard-earned money in it. Hence, you ought to be a responsible player and follow some etiquette at the rummy tables, whether you are playing cash games or tournaments. Only when you have a clear mind, that you will get to know what to do in your next move and your chances of winning the game.

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