A Day in the Life of A Rummy Pro

On one hand, there are the lakhs of newbie rummy players who have just begun and play occasionally on free games or lower value tables. On the other hand, though, there are the few thousand rummy players who are true ‘professionals’ of the game, just like our cricketing master blaster – Sachin. Isn’t it natural to think that their lifestyle would be totally different from others? You should read below because we got to talk with a rummy pro and understood what a day in his life is like:

WOR: So, how does it feel to be a professional rummy player?

Rummy Pro: well, I must tell you, there was a day when I was a nobody in the world of rummy. It was a patient and gradual journey to where I am today. Playing rummy was something I liked and enjoyed since childhood, I am so happy that I have made my passion, my hobby, my main career today. It is because of online rummy, that I was able to leave my hectic & boring 9 to 5 job.

WOR: Now life is totally different from before, right?

Rummy Pro: yes of course. When I started playing rummy online, even though I know how to play rummy, I relearned all the rules of rummy and also the tips & tricks. Just like my gaming, life was changing gradually, now today when I look back, yeah, I have come a long way, it’s really different.

WOR: so how your typical day is nowadays?

Rummy Pro: I don’t do anything drastically different than the usual. Apart from the days when there are late night tournaments or I am on a winning streak, I like to sleep & wake up early. At least 7 hours of sound sleep is essential to recharge yourself, whether you are a rummy pro, playing other card games or in any other profession. One thing I like to do in the morning is, either do a workout or do yoga. I have a habit of writing down the mistakes I did while playing Indian rummy. I see the notes after finishing my workout.

WOR: Wow, eliminating mistakes is essential!

Rummy Pro: Yes! That is a great way of becoming one of the best in the game. You have to keep working on your game until you become flawless. By the afternoon, I will be busy playing a few cash games. Even after lunch, I play a few cash games. It depends, whenever there are Tournaments, esp. big ones, I prefer them to cash games.

WOR: Then in the evening and night?

Rummy Pro: Well, when my afternoon session of rummy is over, I like to take a break. I do some meditation, read a newspaper, listen to music, surf the Internet for updates in the world of rummy, any new tips & tricks or strategies, etc. After this, I again go on to play some rummy cash games. After dinner, mostly it is Tournaments for me until bedtime.

WOR: There might be variations in your typical day, right?

Rummy Pro: Yeah of course. The ratio of cash games to Tournaments varies. It also depends on whether I am winning, I keep on going. But I take a break early if I lose 1 or 2 matches in succession. I take a small break, meditate or take a small nap, then I come back.

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