5 False Beliefs of Online Gaming Debunked

Whichever be the field, say gaming, entertainment, social media, or the stock market, no field is free from misconceptions and false beliefs. Regarding online gaming, even you must have come across some common stereotypes. It is necessary to ‘prove’ they are false as they discourage people from playing their favourite games. In today’s changing world, online gaming is not what it was like a decade ago or so, but it has and is becoming mainstream. Let’s debunk 5 common beliefs of online gaming which are not true.

Pure waste of time

How often have you heard your parents or other elders yelling at you to stop playing games and do something more ‘useful’? This is a common thing for most of us Indians. But just like every coin has 2 sides, even online gaming has plus points. Card games like online rummy help us develop our cognitive, observation, analytical, decision-making skills, etc. pro players also make a career in it and earn for their living.

Gamers are socially isolated

This false belief stems from the view that most online gamers are seen only around their consoles/PCs or lazing around in their room playing games or watching gaming videos. Today’s gamers are quite the opposite, all thanks to MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) that make social interactions possible. Lakhs of players play multiplayer games like Indian rummy that have many active communities. You get to connect with like-minded people from any part of the world.

Online gaming means addiction

You shouldn’t believe in a few small pieces of research/studies that correlated gaming and addiction. Even today, a complete and definitive scientific consensus doesn’t exist between them. The only thing to do is: Exercise a degree of self-control by setting timelines and boundaries for playing online games. Players love to play because gaming is a great source of stress relief.

Females aren’t into Online gaming

This might have been true a few years ago (like 10-15 years ago), but the situation is changing for good. Today you will find more girls and women playing their favourite online games like PubG, than ever before. They are not just playing, but are proving to be great competitors, winners, and are here to stay. More and more females are playing rummy on various rummy online platforms than before.

Online gaming is big only in the west

Another false belief that might have been true a decade ago. But today, online gaming is growing fastest in other parts of the world. Popular international gaming competitions are held in Russia, Korea, Japan, etc. In India alone, lakhs of regular gamers of online rummy and other games exist and are growing, all thanks to fast growing broadband and 4G Internet connection. It is dangerous and damaging to believe in something which is not true. You must be always thoroughly be informed and cross verify about everything you hear especially if the source is not legitimate or reputed. Have you come across any false beliefs of online gaming that are not covered here? Do tell us in the comments.

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