How Will 2022 Be For Online Gaming?

Many Industries witnessed a decline, slow growth or stagnation in the year 2020 due to the worldwide havoc caused by COVID-19. Many of them showed recovery of various proportions in the year 2021. But one industry that didn’t follow this path, is the ‘online gaming’ industry. Even in the COVID lockdown situation, online gaming made progress and continued growing like before.

Now we are in 2022, and will this year also prove to be the same as the last 2 years or different? This is the month of January and we are now, most probably in the 3rd wave. COVID cases continue to rise as the new Omicron variant is looking to dominate the world. As contradictory as it may seem, a lockdown has benefited the online gaming industry right since the 1st one in 2020.

Lockdown factor

If we look at the worldwide trends, there is a strong possibility of a 3rd lockdown in the country. But the online gaming industry should not be worried as we have seen from the 1st and 2nd lockdown trends. When people have to sit at home, what else will they do to kill time? They will play card games or other online games. Many people started playing online rummy in the last 2 years than in a few years before 2020. Online rummy platforms have seen an increase in their user base since the last 2 years and are expecting more users, more gameplay in 2022, whether there is a lockdown or not.

Regulation Factor

When it comes to the viewpoints of various state governments and courts, real money cash games like rummy didn’t exactly have a smooth ride. In some states it is banned, in states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the ban was lifted. In states like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, the challenges to the ban are still pending in courts. Let’s expect that in 2022, the courts will give a result on the ban and hopefully, the people of these 2 states will get to play online skill games like Indian rummy.

Many high courts and even the Supreme court is of the view that skill-based games like rummy don’t fall in the gambling category, they aren’t based on luck, but skills. Hence, they should not be included in banned games. Let’s hope that in 2022, no other state imposes a ban on these skill-based games.

Trends for 2022

Anything new and different can we expect in the online gaming space? Do not be surprised if you see more gaming genres introduced or more games in new genres. Expect content creators to begin making gaming related short videos, on the lines of ‘reels’ or ‘YT shorts’. 2022 should bring more investment from gaming developers in India.

Our country is poised to become a gaming hub and esports destination in the next few years due to the high penetration of the Internet and affordable smartphones. Brands that have a loyal fan base or target segment of 15-25 year olds, will focus more on gaming, activities on this front have already begun in the influencer marketing industry. Live streaming of gaming content, that has become popular in the last few years will continue to rise and get more dedicated followers/users in 2022 as gamers earn good revenue from this activity. So, what are your expectations from the gaming field in 2022, what are you looking forward to in the gaming space in the year 2022? Do tell us in the comments.

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