What Do Players Think During An Online Rummy Game?

Can any person control or stop their thought process? Especially in a situation of anxiety or when they step into the unknown? Surely not! Whether you are just walking outside or playing a multiplayer game, various thoughts constantly run in your mind throughout the day. Sometimes they prove to be useful/helpful, while at other times, they don’t.

Think about an online multiplayer game, esp. rummy. Most of the time you play Indian rummy, you face strangers, so it is natural for different thoughts to run in your mind. Let’s have a look at some of the common thoughts, players have during an online rummy game:

  1. Who are my Opponents?

This could be the most initial thought in every player’s mind when they join a game. They do check the display picture and username of all their opponents and try to make a perception about their personality. You should know, not every time your assumptions will be right.  

  • What cards they could have?

This is a natural thought to come into every player’s mind. After all, this is crucial information, if you know it, you can perfectly plan your tactics to outplay your opponent and win the game.

  • Should I take a drop?

You have to take a crucial decision that can make or break your game. You may think this many times, right from the beginning when the cards are dealt to you. Either you can take an initial or a middle drop, or it will be wiser to keep playing & still win. What will you decide?

  • Let’s hope he/she plays the way I assumed!

Rummy is also about observing the moves of your opponents, assuming what cards they have, and estimating their next move, because most players plan their next move accordingly. So, it is natural for you to pray to god that your opponents make their next move as per your assumption, whether it is a practice or cash game.

  • Am I in a Good position?

No, we are not talking about where are we standing/sitting and playing rummy, but our position/status in the game. It is important to know whether are you going in the right direction to get the win. Keep asking this question to yourself, at least after every few moves.

  • Am I revealing my cards/moves?

This worry should exist in your mind, as even your opponents are observing your every move and estimating your cards & future moves. To avoid this, many players deceive their opponents by making surprising moves. They sometimes discard cards that will confuse their opponents in assuming wrong cards in your hand.

  • I should bring my friends here!

Sometimes you may feel like playing with known people, they could be your friends or family. Or when you are winning games (and real cash prizes) in a row, you may feel like sharing this rummy gaming experience with all your near & dear ones.

Thankfully, almost all the rummy platforms run schemes like ‘Refer your Friend’. For each contact you refer, you and your contact, get a lucrative bonus or cash amounts, or other such prizes. Take advantage of that and bring all your friends to play rummy. After all, sharing is caring, and what’s gaming without friends right?

Apart from the above 7 thoughts, players get a lot of, a variety of thoughts in different situations in the game. What all thoughts have come to your mind while playing rummy? Do tell us in the comments below.

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