Before You Begin A Rummy game: Check These 5 Things!

So you have free time and you decide to play a few games of online rummy. You start playing, whether it is just cash games or a Tournament. Sometimes everything goes well, but at other times, some or the other issue crops up, doesn’t it? Before you start playing rummy, did you check whether anybody will disturb you for any instant work or not? This, and quite a few other things you must check before you begin your rummy gaming session. Here they are:

  • What Time is it?

Players usually play at different times of the day. But do you know at what time usually do maximum players play rummy? It is in the evening. If you don’t like to wait for an opponent to come on the table, play rummy after your work hours. This doesn’t mean, players don’t play rummy in the morning or afternoon at all, but you may have to wait, and what if your free time gets over in that?

  • Internet connection is OK?

This is a crucial factor to consider because even a slow or an intermittent (on/off) connection has the power to deprive you of lots of cash winnings. Do you want that to happen? The best option is to use a WiFi connection as it has less chances of going out or being slow. If you are using a mobile network, ensure you are in a place that has a full range and 4G data connection on. Also, check your mobile battery and ensure you have enough to last your rummy gaming session.

  • No External disturbance!

Ensure that your parents, siblings, or any other member won’t disturb you while your rummy game is in progress. It is better to ask them in advance and do the work if any. Also, check whether you had to call anybody or are expecting a call in the time you had decided to play rummy. Do this task before you start playing (and you may also request them to not disturb you after that.)

  • No repeating mistakes.

If you made a mistake, it’s ok, you learned something new! But if you keep making the same mistake again, then it is a cause for concern, and it won’t let you make progress in rummy. The best idea is to write down your rummy mistakes on a paper, every time you make one. Keep that paper handy, the next time you play rummy, read the mistake done before, and thoroughly ensure that it’s not happening again.

  • Focus & Concentration

Multi-tasking has become a common thing among today’s people, but this definitely doesn’t work with rummy. You need total focus in rummy because when it is not your turn, you still have to observe all the happenings and moves of all your opponents on the table. Whichever notification comes in your mobile while playing rummy, just ignore it, or take measures to stop notifications while you are in play. If you strictly follow these pointers before and while playing an online rummy game, you will have a smooth experience of playing rummy game, your gameplay and its quality will improve, and gradually you will become a master at playing, as well as winning in rummy.

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