5 Points to take care of while playing Rummy

Life won’t be a bed of roses for all of us, there will be times when we will face challenges. This is a truth that exists in every aspect of our lives, even gaming. Did anybody told you, rummy will be a fun and chilled game to play? This certainly is not a correct statement, when you are playing Cash games. Rummy requires skills, and even if you know all the rules and terms, strategies, concepts, and tricks, there will be games even for the most skillful and professional rummy gamers, in which they will lose.

Then what to say of average player and newbies? Rummy is dynamic in nature, every move can spring a surprise and turn the tables. It is natural to get carried away and feel intimidated in such challenging situations. Hence, following 5 points are crucial to remember and execute in such situations:

  • Take a breath

There will be moments when you will get stuck up with unwanted card/s and/or will not get the card/s that you want. This will increase your frustration, and playing with a stressful mind is never good. Refresh your mind by taking a breather if you are feeling mentally drained or exhausted. You can listen to music, see videos, take a walk, or just sleep. Come back on rummy only when you feel refreshed.

  • Stay focused and calm

You need a lot of perseverance and patience while playing rummy. Sometimes, you may not get the best cards, your moves may go wrong or backfire, or you misjudged your opponent’s cards, etc. it is natural to feel frustrated and angry. But the key here is to stay calm and focused, because negative emotions cloud your decision making ability and judgement, you may end up making more mistakes. Always keep your emotions in check when the stakes are high.

  • Keep practicing

The more you practice, the better you will become at playing rummy. Success has no shortcuts, even the finest of steel has to go through hottest of the fires. By playing practice games, you perfect all your rummy rules, strategies, tricks, and can also invent and try your own. Whatever failures and experiments you have to do, execute them in the practice games. Even the best players regularly play practice games.

  • You should not get Overwhelmed

Never keep thinking about your past mistakes, or you may get overwhelmed and not perform in a way to win. Mistakes are meant to be corrected or eliminated, focus on that, and then move on. Even if you have lost a few games in a row, don’t hesitate to play and eliminate any thoughts of losing again, every game is new and gives fresh chances of winning. 

  • Always remember the purpose

Why do online rummy exist? For entertainment purposes, to spend your free time, develop and showcase your skills in cards, etc. It was never meant to be played compulsively. Many players lose control over their game time and cash spending. They incur huge losses, and still play more games to recover those losses, only to quit the game out of depression. Never bring such a situation to yourself, always be in control and play rummy for fun.

Winning and losing are part and parcel of every game. Never get carried away by your losses and never go chasing them. When you lose, you gain valuable experience and learn what not to do in rummy, which mistakes to avoid. Accept your losses and implement your learnings in the next game. Just like after every sunset there is a sunrise, you will surely win matches after some losses. You just need to stay positive and calm.

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