Get All Doubts Cleared, the ABC of Rummy Explained for the Beginners

Players who are new to rummy card games find it very hard to grasp the rules and the strategies. We are here to share the rules of rummy for beginners explaining everything from scratch. Read further to understand the nuances of rummy card game and to acquire the necessary gaming skills.

The Cards in Rummy Card Game

The entire deck of playing cards used to play rummy card game. It is important as a player that you understand the different cards used in rummy card games. Here is a list:

Picture Cards

As the name rightly indicates, these are cards used in rummy which have pictures on them. The Ace, King, Queen and Jack of any sign is regarded as a picture card.

Number Cards

Cards with numbers on them are referred to as number cards. These are cards of numbers 2 to 10 in any sign.

High Point Cards

These are cards that have a higher value in rummy games. All cards from 6 to 10 in any sign is a high point card. Apart from those, any picture card is also regarded a high point card with a value of 10 points.

Low Point Cards

Cards with lower value based on points assigned to them are referred to as low point cards. All the number cards from 2 to 5 in any sign is referred to as low point cards.


Joker cards in every deck are used as jokers in rummy. These cards can be used in the place of any other card to complete an artificial sequence or meld.

The Basic Terms in Rummy Card Games

You need to understand the ground rules of rummy card games before you can start playing these games online. Here are some of the basic rules of the game that you need to get a grasp over:

Sequence: A sequence in rummy is an arrangement of cards of the same sign in ascending or descending order of their values. 

Meld: A meld is an arrangement of cards of different signs but of same value together. For example, 5 of hearts, spades and clubs together form a meld.

Pure Sequence: A sequence that does not make use of jokers for its completion is referred to as a pure sequence (natural sequence). In any variation of rummy card games, a pure sequence is required to complete life.

Artificial Sequence: An artificial sequence (real sequence) is a sequence that has been completed with the use of jokers.

Life: Life is the minimum arrangement of cards in rummy upto which a player’s hand is regarded as a full hand.

Full Hand: A full hand is a hand where the life is not complete. Maximum points are always charged when you have a full hand.

Rules Regarding Points

The rules regarding points vary in each variation of rummy games. The 13 cards rummy game is regarded as the standard in rummy. The rules for this variation of rummy games are explained below:

  • The player needs to complete one pure sequence and one real sequence to complete life.
  • The points charged for a full hand is 100 points which is the maximum points charged.
  • A player can quit at the start of the game choosing first drop. This will cost him minimal points (25 points).
  • If the player decides to quit anytime after the start of the game, the points charged will be double the initial points (50 points for standard rummy).

Types of Rummy Card Games

The rules for different variations of rummy games are tweaked slightly from the original rules for standard rummy. Once you understand the standard variation, you can easily learn different types of rummy games easily.

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