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Steps To Master Rummy

In 6 steps, we want to make you familiar and comfortable with the World of Online Rummy! Play Rummy and make yourself one of the Pro-Rummy players around!


Local Rummy

The game of Rummy a.k.a Paplu, is widely popular and played all over India. Millions of Indians play it esp. in the small towns and villages, though versions may vary in different states.

From 2 to up to 6 friends usually make a circle and enjoy Rummy as their favourite pastime, at any time of the day. As such, lakhs of Indians have become Pro players in Rummy.


Introduction to Online Rummy

With the advent and spread of PC devices & mobiles in India, gaming also went online. How will Rummy be left behind? Today, anyone can play Rummy online!

You can play with your friends or any other skillful Rummy player based anywhere in India as it is Legal to play Rummy in India. Courts in India have declared Rummy to be a game of skill or mere skill.


Play on Online Rummy Platforms

Today, you will find dozens of platforms that offer online Rummy gaming to all players (above the age of 18). You can play Rummy on websites or on Android/iOS apps.

Different Rummy platforms offer slightly different variations of Indian Rummy. Although in most of them, you will get to play – 10, 13, 21, and 27 cards Rummy. Points, Deals, and Pool Rummy.


Online Rummy Practice Games

It is better to play practice games on online Rummy for 2 reasons – to get accustomed to playing online Rummy, and to learn to play Rummy if you don’t know how to.

Almost all platforms offer practice games in all the above mentioned types of Rummy games. It is a great way to develop your skills in Rummy.


Play Tournaments & Win Cash

Once you get familiar playing online Rummy and know all the rules, it is time to take part in Tournaments and Win Cash.

The Tournaments organized by different Rummy platforms vary in difficulty level as per various factors like the no. and quality of players, time, etc. and also in prize money. It is better to start from simple & easy Tournaments, then proceed to the difficult ones.


Refer & Earn

Almost all Rummy platforms give you the option to Earn when you refer them to your friends! Some give Bonus while some give Cash. It is a great way to bring your friends on Rummy to play with you, while doing so, also earn.

The more friends you refer and the more of them join your Rummy platform, the more you will Earn, simple!

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